Frequently Asked Questions for The City of Salida

The City of Salida is not using MUNIRevs for Licensing or Tax Remittance at this time. Please contact the City to handle any business needs.

What types of assistance can MUNIRevs provide to me?
The City is using our other service LODGINGRevs to help identify Short-Term Rentals and their license status. If you have questions about your Short-Term Rental compliance you can reach out to the City or we can always pass along a message to the City on your behalf. If you think you have been contacted in error regarding a vacation rental, you can reach LODGINGRevs at or by phone at (888) 751-1911.
For Assistance, Contact
LODGINGRevs Support
(888) 751-1911

When contacting support, be sure to include the jurisdiction (City of Salida) in all emails or voicemails. This will help us assist you as promptly as possible. Thanks!